The Missing Shield

From this promising debut fantasy author comes a unique epic adventure of grim intrigues and darkness, sleek romance and magic.

With a story that will draw the reader into a new original world of thrilling discovery and perilous possibilities, The Missing Shield consists of eleven episodes, which together form the first volume in The Veil Keepers Quest: a series wherein the hunt for the shards of an ancient astrolabe must be completed and the artefact assembled before the new millennium dawns to curse the future.  

In this race, the very nature of life itself stands in jeopardy, yet across worlds where enemies old and new rise up and close in; across worlds where not all is what it seems; across worlds where a friendly face and the title of ‘ally’ may not necessarily equal trust nor respect, is this perhaps already a doomed venture?

As the price of success grows steep, who will stand and who will falter?

Join the Quest and find out.

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Staring into the face of my inner dragons… no more!

18th September 2020

I hope to find you well this Friday. Personally, I’m doing good but those who know me a little better are probably also aware that I have squared up against my own dragons for some time how, trying to justify the […]

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Listen to Solancei’s Memoirs Entry 1 & 2

16th October 2020

Hollow. How does one conquer hollow? I remember blandly watching the Funeral Adepts lower the two white-lacquered coffins into the carved-out abyss of ice and tranquillity. A detachment much colder than the surroundings wormed like a giant parasite within me, but I embraced the feeling, the anxiety awaiting on the other side, not something I cared to allow foothold back in. I was seven. Hollow… indeed…

The Author

L. L. Thomsen

Author L. L. Thomsen

So this is the place where I tell you a bit about myself, but where does an old girl begin? Dreamer, closet-philosopher, fantasy geek, linguist, animal-lover- not-vegetarian (sorry), mother, wife, teacher, archaeologist, administrator and shop-assistant – yes, I can undeniably be accused of having put my hands, and mind, to a little bit of everything over the last two decades. However, it wasn’t until the muse of inspiration struck me over the head with the marvellous idea that I should pick up a childhood hobby of mine, that I finally hunkered down to write some epic fantasy. (And more about that if you flip to the About page).

I am in love with the idea that the ancient library of Alexandria was not destroyed but merely moved so that one day the wonders within might be re-discovered, but in the meantime, I tend to keep both feet on the ground where they belong. I adore cats, horses, coffee, wine, fast cars, ice hockey, family life and harbour a strangely fey fascination with fighter planes. These days I live in the UK, near the Steel City. I believe in kindness and karma. Tomorrow will be different from today, so let your dreams fly, even if you can’t.

Fear nothing; respect everything!

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