Month: September 2018

Larry Forkner’s Review of Unexpected Bargain

A great follow up to the first book. I’m always wary of sequels because they rarely stack up to the first novel but Unexpected Bargain might even be better than the first book! If you love fantasy, magic and action, […]

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The Final Card

From The Final Card…   “Her Ladyship is rumoured to be well-loved, you know; the realm would be in uproar.  Is one princess really worth that much to you?”   “Oh invaluable,” he replied lightly, “Though not for the reasons you’d think. […]

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Notions of Risk

  Dark revelations are afoot…   Having witnessed first-hand, the terrible merciless hunger of the Knights Commander Simarovien Zulavi’s Demonai ‘pets’ – Solancei, Shield and childhood friend of Ostravahn Crown Princess Iambre, cannot seem to escape this unpredictable man’s clutches.  A fellow […]

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