The Author’s Preferred Edition is now LIVE!

This has been long time coming – but it’s finally here! The Missing Shield in an Author’s Preferred Edition – just like I originally dreamed of publishing it!


Because this story is EPIC, with lots of character-led plots and developments, POVs and twists, it was always my intention to bring out the whole story in one big book – though for management sake – split into parts 1 & 2 at the natural mid-way point between what is currently episodes 6 and 7.

And now the first part is here! The six first episodes gathered in one book is currently a steal at the reduced intro price of just £/$ 3.99 (until 1st of May) so don’t wait as the price WILL go up.

This new format has also been treated to a complete overhaul, which includes a professional edit by ReVise Editing Services, a cool cover courtesy of fab concept artist Aleksandra Klepacka, as well as a map of Zanzier (which is the first time I have featured one in any of the books).

To anyone who has started on the episodes, I would like to reassure them that I will still publish the final 3  in episode form to complete the serial, so worry not if you have started on the story this way and would like to complete it thus. To everyone else, I would recommend the new edition. It will initially only be available in ebook format via Amazon, but I have just scooped a narrator to produce an audio version which is now due in July – something, which I’m super excited about! Furthermore, I also have plans to enrol the book in the KU scheme from around 1st of May – initially only for 3 months to see how well it gets received. From then on, I may consider taking the book wide, but thus far, you will only be able to get the individual episodes via all other provides, such as Apple, B&N, Kobo etc.

Amazon link (Copy & Paste) – (I hope you enjoy!)

Early Blurb –

In a world where magic lies twisted and useless…Enemies wear the faces of allies and monsters walk the darkness seeking blood and chaos.

Jaded Spell-Weaver and Guardian Commander Malandar Cor’Esardan, is forced on a secret mission to find the missing twins and a broken artefact to secure the future of All Life, yet without magic the formerly invincible warrior must play by different rules if he wants to succeed. Time is short. The Mad Gods will soon return from exile – and when they do, the world is lost. Can Malandar find and protect the twins before the creatures of Chaos claim them?

Elsewhere, Heiress Iambre and her cousin shared every laugh and cry since childhood, but their friendship is no longer easy: Solancei is oath-sworn to protect her cousin as her secret “life-shield,” while spoiled Iambre clings to a childish crush on a low-born captain – an ill-considered choice Solancei cannot abide.

But when Solancei mysteriously disappears during a visit to a supposed ally, Iambre must face the realities at odds with her pampered life: is their gracious ally not really the loyal knight everyone believes? Is Solancei’s disappearance co-incidence or a carefully orchestrated plot?

Meanwhile, Malandar ponders a way to turn the tides in his favour: a weapon of magic so dangerous it is deemed illegal by the Creator Himself. Rightfully, of course, such a weapon should be destroyed, but Malandar has already lost one war and is determined not to lose another. Not whilst the Gods are still breathing; not when there’s still vengeance to be had…