A Change of Rules

A Change of Rules - Episode 1

  As the cycle draws close to the dawn of a new millennium, Alérathnar’s all-powerful Guardians Quicken to stand yet again as the protectors of the future. However, unlike before, their return is this time scarred by the disastrous events of the past. Experiencing a new bewildering loss of power, polluted magic, as well as broken connections to the very eternal being that made them, radical strategies must be embraced – but will it be enough to thwart the mad, self-proclaimed Gods? The Maker’s Oaths must still bind the hearts of the remaining nine Guardians for long enough to secure the future and the Veils of Time, but as nothing is quite what it appears to be – is the circle of defenders simply doomed to splinter as the seed of chaos grows stronger?

  Facing opposition and unsavoury choices, one Guardian must now begin the journey to seek out an elusive pair of fated Twins that can aid the Realms’ survival. However, with the important, ancient Astrolabe still broken and missing, and with the magic torn and useless, danger is only one step behind. Soon he may be forced to embrace forsaken ways and culture new defiance in order to thwart resilient foes and battle ‘the mad ones’ – but the consequences of such a decision could prove detrimental.  

  Meanwhile, in the Realm of Ostravah, Duchess Solancei – handmaiden and cousin of the Crown Heiress, Iambre – faces a challenge that will turn not only her world up-side-down, but also send both young women down paths they could never have thought possible. Already draped in the complexity of life, love and friendship, either stands to lose much and more unless they can weave themselves out of an ever-worsening situation.

  Every race has a beginning – this is the birth of the Veil Keepers Quest. Would you like to come along for the ride?  


  Available from 30/3/18 on Amazon kindle and as paperback.