Hello, greetings, welcome – thank you for clicking onto my official author home page.

I apologise immediately if I come across a little batty, but I thought I’d have some fun with this. As a matter of fact, I am rarely this daft in real life but since we are in the shadows of fantasy here, I’m afraid I did not fancy a throwback to ‘Ordinary’. Therefore, with a wink to whim and imagination, I invite you to browse around at leisure, as and when in the mood.

As you may realise, this site was partly created to aid the reader in discovering answers to questions about The Missing Shield and The Veil Keepers Quest, but from time to time you may also stumble across additional things – perhaps there as per request or maybe just because it has taken my fancy.

For now I particularly recommend The Vault, a page wherein you may locate specific gems of interest, such as the official glossary, designed to complement the reading experience with a behind the scenes run-down of terms and technicalities, just in case you like further insights.

Or perhaps you are a keen explorer of other lands? If so, you might enjoy a visit to The Way Star instead. On this page you can scout the different realms and the peoples you may encounter therein – but be careful: some of them are not known to be particularly ‘agreeable’ and it’s been a while since they’ve had visitors from the outside, so access with care!

(Disclaimer: no refunds, no rescues, no ransoms. What magic I have, I must use for writing ;-))

For additional Q&A about me and my writer’s universe, please refer to the Questions page. Furthermore, do feel free to drop me a line via the Contact page. Out of courtesy, I will always try to respond a.s.a.p. but do bear with me.

Now enjoy!

PS. If you’re reading this page last, I suggest you go back and check out that ‘thing’ you didn’t quite manage to read all the way through earlier. I personally like the quotes taken from different cast members and hidden in The Vault – they add a certain unhealthy familiarity with each individual that should not be underestimated.