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What all the Minstrels are signing about…

On Coconuts, Dragons & Competitions… July Newsletter is now ‘live’! • SPFBO 2019 • Dragon mania hits! Fantastic loot could be yours! • Coconuts are hard to crack (But tasty) • The winners of the June 28th prize draw revealed […]

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Date8th July 2019 Tag

My paperbacks just got bigger and better

If you are the type of reader who likes their physical books – and let’s face it: no matter how great our Kindle or pad, most of us still love the smell of a book and the way it feels […]

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Date26th June 2019 Tag

Competition Time – enter below…

Courtesy of ‘Spring into reading Authors/Bloggers Giveaway’ – for the chance to win PayPal cash, Ebooks, Amazon vouchers, trinkets and charms, and more, please follow the link… Competition ends on 20th of June ’19

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Date16th May 2019 Tag

Author Spotlight: Interview with May Panayi

What made you start writing? It was an odd combination of things. I had some ideas that just kept spinning round in my head and they wouldn’t be quiet. I also felt at the time that I couldn’t find anything […]

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Date30th January 2019 Tag

Kindle Customer Review

“I have thoroughly enjoyed every part of this series so far. As with many fantasy novels there are multiple points of view and I’ve heard that each reader clasps onto one as their personal hero for the adventure. It is […]

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Date18th December 2018 Tag

The Lure of an Ancient Fable

  In the realm of Ostravah, magic lies broken and forgotten.  Now, with the approaching millennium, an ancient strife that has spanned aeons is about to rekindle because the capricious Gods never rest – and they want their dues…   Not the […]

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Larry Forkner’s Review of Unexpected Bargain

A great follow up to the first book. I’m always wary of sequels because they rarely stack up to the first novel but Unexpected Bargain might even be better than the first book! If you love fantasy, magic and action, […]

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Date13th September 2018 Tag

The Final Card

From The Final Card…   “Her Ladyship is rumoured to be well-loved, you know; the realm would be in uproar.  Is one princess really worth that much to you?”   “Oh invaluable,” he replied lightly, “Though not for the reasons you’d think. […]

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Date6th September 2018 Tag

Notions of Risk

  Dark revelations are afoot…   Having witnessed first-hand, the terrible merciless hunger of the Knights Commander Simarovien Zulavi’s Demonai ‘pets’ – Solancei, Shield and childhood friend of Ostravahn Crown Princess Iambre, cannot seem to escape this unpredictable man’s clutches.  A fellow […]

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Running the Gauntlet

  The debilitating uncertainties continue…   Solancei, Duchess of Ivanor and secret life shield of Iambre Actarione, is certain of one thing only: that her present situation cannot possibly get any stranger. However, when her jackal fight tormentor introduces her to an […]

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Date4th July 2018 Tag

L.L. Thomsen – An Interview by Fiona Mcvie

Let’s get you introduced to everyone, shall we? Tell us your name. What is your age? Good afternoon Fiona. My name is Linda Lund Thomsen. Thank you for having me on your blog – it’s a real pleasure! Now as […]

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Date27th February 2018 Tag

A Perspective of Death

  Facing an unpredictable foe whose obscure demands could potentially threaten everything she holds dear, life-shield Solancei Calverhana’s desperate circumstances seem to take yet another turn for the worse.   As she fights back, a bold escape attempt leads her only deeper […]

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Date11th December 2017 TagTags:

Unexpected Bargain

  As the Ostravahn Crown Heiress Iambre seeks to come to terms with the alarming news brought to her by the King’s Chief of Security, her guilty feelings about Solancei and Captain Metavo continues to grow. She is determined to make […]

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Date26th October 2017 TagTags: , , , , ,

A Change of Rules

  As the cycle draws close to the dawn of a new millennium, Alérathnar’s all-powerful Guardians Quicken to stand yet again as the protectors of the future. However, unlike before, their return is this time scarred by the disastrous events of […]

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The Missing Shield now available to buy on Amazon

This is an example of a blog post or news article, this one in particular wil include infor on the book release for the Google Play store. You wil be able to control this in the admin. Lorem ipsum dolor […]

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