August Newsletter Article –

Only 6 more covers to go…

It’s been a long time coming but the new covers are finally happening. It was more a question about finances than lack of enthusiasm that has left this update outstanding for this long.

When I first chose the original cover for TMS the serial episodes, I had the idea that I wanted something sleek, slightly sexy and eye catching, but it also needed it to be within reach of my limited (and gods, yes when I say limited, I mean limited!) budget.

So I went with a ‘premade’ – the lady set against the flames – to symbolise Solancei when she is facing the fire pit and the Demonai, but also to symbolise her general play/fight against the fire that rage in her.

What can I say, other than ‘bad choice’. Bad, bad choice! And rookie lack of ‘know-how’.

Little did I know that this cover would be more associated with the urban/dark pnr fantasy than epic and high! And gosh, but no wonder that potential readers would get confused and lay off… I mean: the mediocre blurb sounded ‘epic’ and maybe too convoluted, whilst the cover told a contradicting tale. Adding this all together, it simply did not sit well with anyone.

So am I sorry that I chose a premade cover?
Nope, absolutely not. I still like the image of the original cover, but just not to represent TMS – so to all writers out there just getting started, let me tell you: there HAS to be a synchronicity between title, cover and blurb. If this lacks, then your work will not sell. It’s the way it is. Because I know!

There’s so much more advice and help to be found in comparison to when I first started out, so trust it and take advantage of it. Writing the book is just the beginning, and though I never believed it was going to be an easy ride from then on, nevertheless I also never imagined it was going to be so hard.

So what do you do when you realise you have a crap cover? Well, you either live with is (as I did) until you can change it, or you ignore it. I’m personally one to correct and adjust as and when I’m able and and if needed. The cover was a thorn in my side but I also knew I could not afford to throw away money on a second duff cover, so I took my time to look around and collect my thoughts/ consolidate my ideas.

I wanted something simple but also something that could tie the serial together to indicate to the readers that the episodes all belong under one cover, so to speak. I needed something to shout ‘fantasy/medieval/epic’ whilst also catching the eyes of potential readers when the image was shrunk to a thumbnail, and after a while I was lucky enough to finally narrow it down: liking the shield idea since this has a connection with the serial title ‘The Missing Shield’. Each episode is now represented by it’s own distinct cover – and though similar, the colours and the slight alteration in shields and swords is enough to mark each individual book to set them all apart even though they are connected.

Is it perfect? Nope, of course not. But it is an improvement and already I have seen a huge difference in the level of interest, which has gone from ‘meh’ to ‘ooh nice’. At the end of the day that’s all I wanted to achieve – though I cannot lie: the vast difference in people perception just because the cover has altered, is quite an eyeopener. Still, as they say… we live and learn.

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Have a great day!