The Veil Keepers Quest

6 books in 1! If you are looking for your next fix of high epic fantasy then read on…

When the Guardians of the Nine Realms awaken, erased are the days when they could call themselves invincible immortals. The very artefact the Guardians need to protect the future against the return of the mad Gods lies shattered, and the twins destined to wield it are missing.

However, amidst the chaos, vengeful Mage-Guardian Malandar Denarlin does not intend to lose another war and takes it upon himself to venture into the human realm to locate and protect the twins. But time is short. Enemies old and new stalk the lands.

Meanwhile, when Princess Iambre’s childhood friend and ‘life-shield’, Solancei, vanishes during a visit to an allied stronghold, Iambre is forced to acknowledge that Solancei’s disappearance could cost them both everything.

Entangled in a conspiracy, unsure whom to trust, Iambre will risk it all to save her friend. But will she be able? Alone and injured, Solancei must pit her wit against a dangerous foe in a deadly game of truth or dare. It’s a fight for survival, yet Iambre and Solancei’s trials are just beginning. Guardian Malandar is now riding to draw them into his perilous quest to save the Nine Realms and he will not take ‘no’ for an answer.

Yet two questions remain…

Will Malandar reach the two friends in time? Or will the Gods’ unearthly monsters snare them first?


Praise for The Missing Shield –

“This series is a must for all fans of fantasy. If you loved Robert Jordan, if you need magic and action in your story, you’ll get hooked to it right away.
Solid and eloquent writing skills, exciting and complex plot, amazing world building with so many layers of details, great characters who all have flaws that make them only more relatable: this book and this series overall can only be highly recommended.”
5 * review by Lila Mina (Reader on Amazon)


“I love the writing style of this author, almost poetic and beautiful. Imagery is used carefully. The story is told from different POV’s. The move from one to another actually creates more suspense and keeps the reader on his/her toes. An enthralling fantasy.”
5* review by D. Bolton (Reader on Amazon)

“Having built a complex, fantastical setting for the story, writer LL Thomsen effortlessly transports the reader there. The shimmering heat of the desert, the fetid smell of the dungeon and the dreaminess of a truth drug are all beautifully described. So are the characters’ emotions. Their very lives are invested in their goals…”
5* review by London Lass (reader on Amazon)



Turning towards him, Solancei squared her shoulders, making her movements deliberate and slow so as to convey her peaceful intentions without any margin for error. Simaro cocked an eyebrow in interest, but when she made to lower her practice sword in outright surrender, he flashed her a look of spurious disappointment.

“Don’t even think about it, grey-eyes! Not if you value your health.” Somewhere between chilling contempt and prayer, the low-pitched warning forestalled her action, and as though someone had just wound up the twine of an already tightly-cocked ballista just one notch further, she felt the tension quiver all around them. The ache in her jaw where his fingers had dug-in to push her against the wall hard enough to bruise, seemed to throb in line with the returning-ache in her head; a sudden icy weariness penetrated her bones, tightly followed by a sense of resignation that couldn’t be soothed.

What was it he’d said earlier? His game, his rules? Well indeed!

She was no soothsayer but there was no way in the Void this was going to stay low profile. Klaas be damned: no way!


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