Episode 1

A Change of Rules

In a realm on the brink of chaos, one guard must walk a dark path to protect her royal friend from a deadly foe…

Solancei Calverhana, handmaiden and childhood friend of Princess Iambre, is not just any ordinary servant. A highly skilled soldier, she is also Iambre’s sworn secret Shield, duty-bound to protect the princess in exchange for her own life if needs be.

And that’s just fine. After all – despite the recent fallouts – Solancei considers her and Iambre’s friendship worth dying for, and she is ready. Except for what comes next!

Because when danger strikes, it’s from a most unexpected direction.

Suddenly swept from Iambre’s side when an illegal duel drops her into darkness, Solancei must now somehow balance her own survival and the protection of her friend with no other weapons to defend them than her wits
and The State of Veranto, a mystic skill that she has had little recent success in controlling and may yet prove her undoing.

Trapped by a hateful, cold foe masquerading to the world as an ally, can Solancei walk the perilous tightrope of mental games and physical hazards to escape and warn Iambre of the betrayal coming from the shadows? Or will she break and become the very thing that could destroy the princess?

Time is precious, and not just for Solancei and Iambre.

Beyond the Realms of Dallancea lies the Void – the prison that binds the mad gods from returning to unleash chaos upon the world of the living.

The Guardians and the Veils are all that stand between the gods and a ruinous future, but with the new millennium approaches new opportunities. The Guardians, no longer immortal or all-powerful, are at odds and their circle ripe with dissent…


A fantasy quest set to span 9 realms, this is an unusual dark/epic story with deep character perspectives, immersive world-building, and a lyrical feel – perfect if you are looking for something with a unique twist and prefer long, layered fantasy reads.

MA/NA contents. Please also note that due to the serial format of this series each episode will end on a cliff hanger.


“This is the first instalment of a complex and intriguing high fantasy story, and it does a fantastic job of  introducing the characters.

Orphaned at only 7 years, the aristocratic Solancei was taken into the home of her uncle and aunt, the rulers of the 7 Kingdoms. She wasn’t expected to be just a playmate for their only child, Princess Iambre, however. Solancei, now grown up, is Iambre’s secret life shield. Entering an illegal backstreet prize fight in order to sharpen her skills, Solancei discovers her opponent is more dangerous than she could imagine.

Meanwhile, the threat of mad gods and twisted magic has awoken the world’s Guardians from a long sleep. They want to find the evildoers and repair the damage to the Veils that protect humanity. If only they could actually agree on how to do it…

The short chapters, engaging characters and whiff of political intrigue make for a page-turning tale. I’ve  already downloaded the next episode on my Kindle and can’t wait to read it.”

5-star review from Amazon.co.uk

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