Episode 3

A Perspective of Death

  Facing an unpredictable foe whose obscure demands could potentially threaten everything she holds dear, life-shield Solancei Calverhana’s desperate circumstances seem to take yet another turn for the worse.

  As she fights back, a bold escape attempt leads her only deeper into trouble as she loses her way within the bowels of an old dungeon where an unexpected, but harrowing discovery awaits. It leads her to the fearful conclusion that the nightmare-tales she and the rest of Ostravah believe to be little more than ‘horrors of imagination’, may in fact be based on terrifying fact and truth after all.

  However, what is the truth?

  The things that crawl from the fires and hunt by the shadows of night can surely not be real, can they? In fact, though a frightening concept to consider, can she actually trust what her eyes and mind show? Or is the State of Veranto spinning illusions out of her exhaustion and her extended abuse of the mind-link?

  Neither possibility appeals, but now physically and mentally haunted and hunted through the maze of abandoned stone tunnels, the more pressing question is: how long she can elude capture? And should she even try?

  As Solancei’s choices rapidly dwindle, she is pushed by oaths and conscience not to give up, but as her mind seems that of someone else and as she learns more about the man who rules Zanzier, will she manage to stay head above water, or will she drown in the wave of madness that appears to surround and sweep her along?

  Never a Gods fearing person – nevertheless, now might be a good time for Solancei to pray for a change in luck…

A Perspective of death Episode 3