Episode 7

The Lure of an Ancient Fable

  In the realm of Ostravah, magic lies broken and forgotten.  Now, with the approaching millennium, an ancient strife that has spanned aeons is about to rekindle because the capricious Gods never rest – and they want their dues…

  Not the kind of person to take ‘no’ for an answer, Princess Iambre has got a plan to join Chief of Security, Eso Mehadja’s team as they venture out into Zanzier Town to follow a lead that might reveal where her friend and life-shield Solancei has disappeared to.

  But sometimes you just don’t know that you are in too deep before it’s much too late – something which the brazen princess is soon to learn as her cunning meddling brings about a frightening backlash that leaves her running for her life.

  Suddenly alone in an city unknown to her – without anyone or anything to call upon except her own fears and determination, Iambre is left no choice but to navigate the bowels of Zanzier in effort to get back to safety, but the night holds many strange wonders and events – enough to make the Princess wish she’d listened to advice a hundred fold over.

  However, when the strange string of incidents culminates in the encounter with a most-frustrating and most-unexpected guide, Iambre’s hard-found resolve is questioned all over when she makes one final, and seemingly an impossible, discovery.

Excerpt from the book –

  She looked back to the ships with a weak sense of relief and a strong sense of despair.  The Keep was up there.  Some of it was just visible.  She could be back within the safety of Zanzier Castle earlier than an hour from now – perhaps less, if lucky.  As to how she might get back in though…?  

  She shook her head angrily.  She’d run blindly from the danger she wouldn’t even have been in, had she only been wiser in the first place.  Stupid… so stupid!

  As though on a whim, something quivered within, raising new stupid tears.  How many blunders was a future sovereign allowed to make?  Too late now to admit that Bilan been right; that Eso had been right!  Gods, but where was the luck in that?

   A painful notion that she needed help reared up, but the waterfront remained frustratingly empty of people.  Even if brave, there was no one to hail, no one to press for succour...

  It left the streets ahead, yet when she got there…?  

  Perhaps part of her reluctance in attracting attention lay with the fact that in reality she feared it slim chance someone actually rallying to help.  And if they did, where to go back to? Relocating the spot they’d been attacked would be all but impossible, and Bilan would still…

   She refused to finish the thought.  It didn’t matter. The earth would move for her.  It had to! Of course, she would need to give up her identity then.  The ‘mess’ would get ‘boggy’, but this was all on her. Her responsibility!  People made mistakes… and they fixed them.  Yet though she’d never before been faced with doubt that anyone might ever question her station – in this outfit, ‘whiffing’ of gutter perfume and without a single piece of finery to her name…?  

  For sure, just this once, her authority might well be questioned, and who would believe her?  ‘But I am the Heiress!  And I demand your aid!’  

  Iambre shook her head mentally.  No, even she could see the problem!  By the time she’d manage to straighten matters, it’d all be too late.  Much, much too late…

  Her belly twisted – no stench needed.  Already she was worrying herself grey over Lancei.  Why had Bilan followed her? And had he not…

Episode 7 - The Lure of the Ancient Fable