Episode 2

Unexpected Bargain

  As the Ostravahn Crown Heiress Iambre seeks to come to terms with the alarming news brought to her by the King’s Chief of Security, her guilty feelings about Solancei and Captain Metavo continue to grow. She is determined to make amends with them both – particularly Metavo – but maybe the Captain of her retinue will not be amenable to accept apology? And when will Solancei even get the chance?

  In uneasy spirits about Zanzier and local Lord, Simarovien Zulavi, additional revelations brought to her by the Chief, only serve to dislodge Iambre’s fragile personal peace even further. Yet still, she has little choice but to act the consummate diplomate and keep her mind on social chores in the spirit of diplomacy and politic. But for how long? And at what price?

  Meanwhile, still cut off from her precious skills, Solancei also finds herself mired in uncomfortable circumstances where a reckless choice might be the only thing that can save her, and she is not the only one.

  Forced by circumstances and crippled magic to accept a few unsavoury truths about Ostravah and the Guardians’ chances of success, Denarlin is plagued by peculiar new sensations. Mounting frustration shadowing his progress, his fey notions in regards to procuring a Neidar Ba’raie to further his cause, only strengthen – however, this ancient well of magic is an illegal presence that should not exist. A Neidar Ba’raie is dangerous, highly unstable, and without guarantees that he will be in time to bind the power to his purpose, will he be justified in breaking the Maker’s laws and in trying anyway?

  The search for the Twins must remain true, yet for every mile travelled the guidelines blur just a little more; time is running short – and not just for Guardian Denarlin. A young seer has some troubling visions…

Unexpected Bargain Episode 2