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“I have thoroughly enjoyed every part of this series so far. As with many fantasy novels there are multiple points of view and I’ve heard that each reader clasps onto one as their personal hero for the adventure. It is true and mine is Solancei. I simply gobble up her sections with a gusto that causes me to sit a little closer to the kindle as I read. What happened with the gauntlet was- wow!! That is what fantasy books are all about. I won’t spoil but, I have a craving to start the next part now so I can see what happens next. Things with Iambre, due to her location were of course of a more dramatic nature when it comes to tension but I still found them tense and look forward to what’s next there. Her parts have a lot of characters that I am in love hate relationships with, which is a sign of brilliant character development. If you are looking a rich fantasy series this is a wonderful one that I highly recommend. While there are recaps at the start of each book and thus they can be read alone I do recommend to start at the beginning, as you will miss a lot of the small nuances that endear the characters to you otherwise.”