My paperbacks just got bigger and better

Book cover of Fantasy books #& of The Missing Shield. Woman with swords seen in silhuette against flames. Back cover with blurb and author photo of LL Thomsen.

Look inside The Missing Shield paperback - new format with scroll workIf you are the type of reader who likes their physical books – and let’s face it: no matter how great our Kindle or pad, most of us still love the smell of a book and the way it feels in the hand – then I’ve got some great news to share with you!

I have revamped my paperbacks to look and feel better inside and out with brand new typesetting, font, and artwork. I love the fantasy vibe that these changes bring to life, especially with the elegant scrollwork that hugs each new chapter and makes it pop like a proper feature.

Furthermore, thus far people have not able to buy books directly from me, but I have now decided to rectify that. To that end, you can now contact me to request a personalised signed copy that will also include a couple of surprise items as my gift you. The flat price per bookx1 order is £12/US$15.50 + shipping cost. Please note that depending on your location your cost may vary. All payments via PalPal only.

To order your copy/copies today or to learn more, please email me with your request on