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Fun With Art…

Want this as your Screen Saver? Celebrating a new cast of characters… and the return of some of the old… Meet Lyci’Ah (Smuggler/Unfortunate Protagonist) & Marlan (Rogue Spell Weaver/Blood Hound) I love imagination. It’s the root of creation and development, […]

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Date25th April 2022 Tag

Release Update and General Musings…

In spite having felt a personal slump in the creative department, nevertheless I am at least happy to say that 2020 was not a complete let down after all. Now, as I (finally) gear up to release the 9th book […]

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Date19th December 2020 Tag

Listen to Solancei’s Memoirs Entry 1 & 2

Hollow. How does one conquer hollow?
I remember blandly watching the Funeral Adepts lower the two white-lacquered coffins into the carved-out abyss of ice and tranquillity. A detachment much colder than the surroundings wormed like a giant parasite within me, but I embraced the feeling, the anxiety awaiting on the other side, not something I cared to allow foothold back in. I was seven. Hollow… indeed…

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Date16th October 2020 Tag

‘The Genie And The Grim Trap’ Goes Audio on YouTube

NOW ON YOUTUBE!! You guys…my little piece of flash fiction “The Genie and The Grim Trap” has made if further than I’d ever believed or intended. How fab to have the amazing Kevin Porter narrate this – his voice is exquisite and […]

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Date8th July 2020 Tag

BETA readers wanted. Can you help?

I am currently looking to create a new Beta reading team for my next novel. It’s a stand-alone MA/NA fantasy adventure set in the same world as The Missing Shield but back in the more cutthroat times before the Veils. […]

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Date22nd May 2020 Tag

The Merchandise Is Here….

Good news… The amazing cover art by Aleksandra Klepacka is now available on lots of cool items such as cushions, badges, notebooks, tote bags, coasters – yes, even on a shower curtain! – and not only does it look amazing […]

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Date21st April 2020 Tag

Enjoy a free short story of love and loss, vengeance and betrayal.

2020 has turned out to be rather strange and worrying.  I sincerely hope you and your friends & loved ones are staying safe and healthy! If you happen to be a little bored or need a few moments someplace away […]

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Date1st April 2020 Tag

The Missing Shield is going back to basics!

Prepare for an exciting 2020! As you are aware, The Missing Shield is currently being published in serial form, however, this was not the original format I’d intended for the book when I first began writing it. The story is […]

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Date5th February 2020 Tag

Heart-to-Heart With You New Favorite Love-to-Hate Villain: Simarovian Zulavi, Knights Commander of Zanzier

Coming to you courtesy of ‘The Protagonist Speaks’ Fantasy Blog by Assaph Mehr… Dear readers, tonight with us is the Knights Commander of the West and 2nd Sword of King Kaimar the 3rd of Ostravah. He’s here to tell us […]

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Date12th November 2019 Tag

And the Survey Said…

Dear Newsletter Subscriber – and everyone else…   So following on from the survey mentioned in my October Newsletter – this is what I found…     The majority of subscribers appear to enjoy the standing format of the newsletter.  It’s […]

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Date18th October 2019 Tag