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The Missing Shield is going back to basics!

Prepare for an exciting 2020! As you are aware, The Missing Shield is currently being published in serial form, however, this was not the original format I’d intended for the book when I first began writing it. The story is […]

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Date5th February 2020 Tag

Heart-to-Heart With You New Favorite Love-to-Hate Villain: Simarovian Zulavi, Knights Commander of Zanzier

Coming to you courtesy of ‘The Protagonist Speaks’ Fantasy Blog by Assaph Mehr… Dear readers, tonight with us is the Knights Commander of the West and 2nd Sword of King Kaimar the 3rd of Ostravah. He’s here to tell us […]

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Date12th November 2019 Tag

And the Survey Said…

Dear Newsletter Subscriber – and everyone else…   So following on from the survey mentioned in my October Newsletter – this is what I found…     The majority of subscribers appear to enjoy the standing format of the newsletter.  It’s […]

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Date18th October 2019 Tag

Want to take a stroll down memory lane with me?

Come join the fun! 😁 come say hi… Over on Facebook, I am posting a photo from my past every single day of September.  It only started 4 days ago, so there’s plenty of time to catch up! Come have […]

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Date11th September 2019 Tag

Claim Your Free Fantasy Books Today!

Do you love a good fantasy hero/heroine? Well I know I certainly do – and even if (like in The Missing Shield) they are not always your perfect examples of knights in shining armour, there is still something very enticing […]

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Date15th August 2019 Tag

Here Be Dragons….

Do you LOVE dragons? Do you crave everything dragon? If so, you simply MUST check out this amazing competition, brought to you courtesy of fantasy author Tiger Hebert and friends (Yes, that includes me, yay!) For a chance to win […]

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Date8th July 2019 Tag

Summer Reading Competition now happening on IFA

Do you like to discover new books? Then come and join me and fellow fantasy author TJ Muir for the summer competition hosted by FB group Indie Fantasy Addicts. It’s simple and fun and you might win some very cool […]

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Date26th June 2019 Tag