And the Survey Said…

Dear Newsletter Subscriber – and everyone else…


So following on from the survey mentioned in my October Newsletter – this is what I found…



  • The majority of subscribers appear to enjoy the standing format of the newsletter.  It’s longer but also more unique than many other author newsletters and I am honoured that around 85% of you guys actually came back and told me you wouldn’t change a thing! Thank you, that’s truly awesome, but for those of you who suggested a few alterations – thank you also, because I definitely think there’s room for that too and I’ll get to that in a moment.


  • 97% agree that a monthly instalment of the newsletter is absolutely spot on.  I am pleased to hear that because I aim to not spam everyone’s inbox and for that to stick, I much prefer quality over quantity, so I’m happy to say that the monthly format will remain the same – including that of my recommendations.


  • The type is too light, so the NL is difficult to read.  Fortunately, it was only a small 5% who highlighted this as a problem, but I’d nevertheless just like to mention that I’m working on this to make improvements, however, I am finding that it could well be an issue linked to the MailChimp provider. The fonts are limited and the text colour I select is already ‘black’ which is the darkest one available.  I’m currently experimenting with the good old ‘Times New Roman’ as this is commonly considered an easy style to read.


  • Around 15% of you noted that you prefer newsletters short and sweet over those that are longer.  That said, most of you also mentioned that you still enjoy mine just the same, so this is a little tricky.  I don’t wish to bore those who have not got time to read the longer monthly letter, yet to shorten it will mean that it would probably take on a slightly more ‘commercial look’.  To avoid that, I have decided to try a slightly different approach to the articles that I post in the monthly letter.  Starting from now, I’ll not include the longer main feature in the main letter, but rather post a link for you to visit should you wish to read it.  This means that you’ll still have access but without the clutter.


  • One person – and unfortunately they were very unhappy – did decide to unsubscribe, stating that the newsletter was nothing but large blocks of text and that they found this off-putting and annoying because they could not see at a glance what was there. In that particular event, I think it was an unfortunate case of not being able to cater to everyone’s preference. In my ‘welcome’ section, I list the contents in order, with the view that people can scroll down to where they’d like to be – or simply read it all, should they choose to  I also try to clearly mark where one feature ends and the new one begins – often inserting lines to separate each feature, as well as photos to indicate a change. However, I appreciate that many may access the newsletter on their phones and may not necessarily download all the additional pictures, so if you have found yourself with this problem too, please try to download the pictures for a better experience.  Alternatively please let me know if you’d prefer my standard ‘promotion’ mails. If you do, I’ll be happy to add you to a smaller segment of subscribers who have elected to only receive promotional/reduced books info. ☺


  • Character and author interviews… Okay, this was suggested by 34% – and I’d be happy to comply, as these features are always good fun! So as not to clutter up the monthly letter (and in effort to provide you guys with more choice over what you want to access) – I’d probably take this sort of feature back to Facebook or to here (my official webpage), again offering a link that you can follow to check it out if and when you should feel like it.


NB – Overall this has provided me with lots of interesting details and I’ll be adjusting and reacting to the information over the next couple of months so bear with me. I am aware that inboxes can only cope with so much and that a longer newsletter is harder for some to receive due to set limitations so I am excited that this should improve from now.

It means that the main look of the NL will slim down considerably, but the old and additional features will still be there to access via links for those who crave a little extra. Hopefully, this will present everyone the best of both worlds – and we can take it from there.   As always, feel free to drop me a line with your thoughts.

Thanks again! ?