BETA readers wanted. Can you help?

I am currently looking to create a new Beta reading team for my next novel. It’s a stand-alone MA/NA fantasy adventure set in the same world as The Missing Shield but back in the more cutthroat times before the Veils. This is a world of crazy magic, chaos and race wars. It’s each crook for himself – mostly – because the deranged gods have not yet been banished and they have the freedom to toy with everyone if invited.

Smugglers Lyciha Greenblade and her twin brother, Deshian, are just trying to survive. Fortunately, they are pretty good at that, except when Lyciha fails to deliver an illegal shipment for their benefactor and everything begins to go sideways.

Lycia gets 3 days to deliver the promised goods or she will die. 

Usually Lyciha’s problems can be solved with money, or a drink, or both, but this time she soon realises that nothing will ever be quite so simple again. She’s got trusted people moving to steal her’s and Deshian’s territory, wizards knocking on the door on the hunt for a stolen item of mysterious worth, and a strange king of the merpeople is apparently out to harvest her soul. 

Now forced to make deals with dangerous people, Lyciha’s hopes of a way out is dashed by a heinous betrayal that leaves her with an impossible choice on her hands: to save her own life or to safe that of her beloved brother’s!


If you are interested, please drop me a line via email or use the Facebook link below to read a snippet and/or drop me a PM.