Fun With Art…

Want this as your Screen Saver?

Celebrating a new cast of characters… and the return of some of the old…

Meet Lyci’Ah (Smuggler/Unfortunate Protagonist) & Marlan (Rogue Spell Weaver/Blood Hound)

I love imagination. It’s the root of creation and development, as well as an outlet for feelings and theories. Sure, it’s as fleeting and unreal as everything else about life, yet I am cursed to explore it just the same.

So, inspired by my current WIP (Work in Progress, or in simple terms, ‘the book I am writing at the moment’ 😉), I have recently taken to mess about with ink art and abstract forms to create images or pictures of my characters and their feelings/abilities.

It’s kinda a new element for me to play about with, but my choice is no accident. I have always loved the beauty of this type of art. Not only is it ecstatically pleasing, interesting and unique (which draws me like a moth to a flame🤭), but since my current WIP happens to be inspired by Chinese fantasy (Read, ‘a bit of a humble ode to a genre which I bloody adore’!), I felt the need to create a surrounding vibe to compliment my choice of worldbuilding.  Sure, as a ‘Westerner’, I may not have any kind of business dabbling in that kind of worldbuilding for my book, nevertheless… well, sorry, not sorry – the voices made me do it, lol… 😋😘

Anyway, back to the art… and the competition. 

Creating visual items like this is essentially also a fun way for me to introduce readers to my characters, whilst on a personal level, I get to explore deeper aspects and discover new sides to my characters’ personalities that I didn’t recognise or pay attention to when considering them with words alone. To celebrate that I am now officially in the editing stage of book 1 of 2, I am giving away one digital copy of this 100% genuine picture made my yours’ truly. Just drop me a line with the name of your all-time favorite fantasy character, and I will pop it it the draw.


Terms and conditions-

The sword is now in your hand! Leave your entry with me before May 31st 2022 or the entry magic is no longer valid and your entry will be invalid. Attempts to tamper may earn you a visit from of the Spell Weaver Peace Keepers, Of Dallancea, which fyi is never a good experience.
Entry by email, DM on Instagram/FB, or leave a comment below.
The winner will be notified no later than the 5th of June 2022 via same media as was used to enter the competition.
On this occasion there will only one winner, however I reserve the right to offer the same or similar artwork up for grabs at a later date.
This is for a digital copy only. No physical copies will be issued.
This art is not for resale. Copyright rules and conditions apply regulated by
By entering into the draw you agree to follow and abide by the terms and conditions listed above.