Listen to Solancei’s Memoirs Entry 1 & 2

Whilst we are waiting for my narrator to finish the mammoth recording project scheduled to become the audio book of my Author’s Preferred Edition of The Missing Shield, Part 1, I’ve been playing about with some entries from Solancei’s Memoirs.

For those who are unfamiliar, this is effectively a separate little story within the story of The Missing Shield, where the main character Solancei gives us a very personal and insightful account of what happened in her early childhood, how she first met Chief of Security Eso Mehadja and discovered her mystical powers with the State of Veranto. It’s also a tale of how she came from the far eastern Province and ended up in the capital, her thoughts and fears, hopes and dreams, and what shaped her to become so loyal to Princess Iambre.

Crucially the memoirs are written by Solancei for the reader – but (SPOILER ALLERT) maybe the reader is not exactly who you think it is, something that will become a little more apparent in book/Episode 9 ‘The way Star’, which I’m currently working to give one final polish and edit before it goes live.

1st entry
2nd entry

PS don’t worry if you are curious for more. I plan to upload Solancei’s 3rd entry soon.