Enjoy a free short story of love and loss, vengeance and betrayal.

2020 has turned out to be rather strange and worrying.  I sincerely hope you and your friends & loved ones are staying safe and healthy!

If you happen to be a little bored or need a few moments someplace away from here, why not escape to the world of Dallancea (The setting of The Missing Shield)?

Fancy a tale of betrayal, magic and broken romance?

Then flick to the 3000ish word-long short story, titled ‘The Genie And The Grim Trap’, written by your’s truly, and take a step back through the ages to a time before the Creator of Dallancea raised the Veils; to a time of race wars and struggles; to a time where the Elvern and Humans fought bitterly over more than the ownership of lands, resources and honour…

This is the story of how one tiny event shifted the entire fortune of one race. This is a tale of regret and sadness.  This is, quite simply, the tale of how love does not always conquer all…

Follow the link to read online or download…  It’s perfect to read if you’re in-between books or travelling. Enjoy!