The Missing Shield is going back to basics!

Prepare for an exciting 2020!

As you are aware, The Missing Shield is currently being published in serial form, however, this was not the original format I’d intended for the book when I first began writing it.

The story is epic, big and bold, with lots of characters, plots, storylines and world-building, which all weaves together to form one huge story that deserves to be read as just that, without no other breaks than the natural one that occurs between episodes 6 and 7.

If you are mid-way reading the serial, fear not! The Episodes will still be available. However, I do plan to offer The Missing Shield, Part 1, up for preorder Mid-March at a considerably lower price than what buying all the episodes would cost, so watch this space for more info nearer the time!

Meanwhile, I am busy making sure that the book is receiving an intense overhaul, which includes a brand-new amazing epic cover made by the fabulous Aleksandra Klepacka (to do away with the confusing urban vibe currently attached to the present cover), a full professional edit by Re-Wise, courtesy of Lesley Neale, as well as a few other bits and bobs that are not included in the present serial episodes.