A: Well first of all I think that it’s something many people secretly long to do. It is right up there on the list of things we want to achieve once we retire, or when we ‘get’ 5 minutes spare, but some of us just jump the gun so to speak.

Essentially, I did not just ‘decide’ that I wanted to write. It has probably been with me since I first sat down in front of my great-grandfathers vintage typewriter in a cigar-drenched office surrounded by clocks and items worthy of a 1950s film set. Life and commitments just got in the way and I got side-tracked for a while. Then the ‘Unicorn’ aka my daughter was born, an idea came to me, and for better or worse, it did not want to go away.

A: Fantasy is where my alter ego lives. In the forests and hills, with dragons, and magic, amidst battles of valour. I love the freedom of the genre. I love the idea that the only limits imposed are those of your own imagination and the rules you invent.

A: I am, as in all things, a very eclectic person. I like to mix and match, play with limits and concepts in a manner that pays homage to complexity, detail and depth. I like painting with words to create a mood or instil a mental image and this is definitely evident in the pages of The Missing Shield.

I have also played with the idea of featuring other genres in the story, so as to compliment the feel of it. This is fantasy, but with a huge slant towards mystery, adventure, and romance as well. I explore character development, flash-back, and human relations in a way that may excite some and puzzle others. In many ways the setting is very classical but the read itself should feel anything but.

A: Anything and all. It can be the way the clouds move across the sky or a snippet of music, a quote read in a magazine, a title of a film, a road sign – like I said: anything. The greatest inspiration, however, is life and the stories that unfold right before our eyes – no matter how fantastical an idea, I always try to write it with a sense of realism in mind. It makes it grittier - even if we are talking about something as made-up as a dragon.

A: Onwards and upwards. I am as committed to my work as any traditionally published author and am already working on the first draft of book 2 for ‘The Veil Keepers Quest’ series. There should hopefully be lots of good stuff happening, all of which will always be posted on this site or/and in other social media.