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Staring into the face of my inner dragons… no more!

I hope to find you well this Friday. Personally, I’m doing good but those who know me a little better are probably also aware that I have squared up against my own dragons for some time how, trying to justify the […]

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Welcome to a week of Excerpts…

(Day 1) The Missing Shield is epic high fantasy but it still has a little bit of everything, so today I thought I’d treat you to a bit of romance from episode #2 (Unexpected Bargain). Staring into eyes made honeyed […]

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Read the first Chapter of Unexpected Bargain here…

A Captain, Enchanted    She was without a doubt the most alluringly beautiful woman in all the realm! Or, at least, that was how Bilandro Metavo saw Iambre, Heiress to the Ostravahn throne, now that he finally lay eyes on […]

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