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Welcome to a week of Excerpts…

(Day 1) The Missing Shield is epic high fantasy but it still has a little bit of everything, so today I thought I’d treat you to a bit of romance from episode #2 (Unexpected Bargain). Staring into eyes made honeyed […]

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8th book in The Missing Shield Series is now up for pre-order on Amazon

And I finally got there! Just this moment, I pressed ‘publish’ to set up the pre-order on Amazon for my next book of The Missing Shield. With a little over a full year since book #7 published, this has been […]

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Unexpected Bargain

  As the Ostravahn Crown Heiress Iambre seeks to come to terms with the alarming news brought to her by the King’s Chief of Security, her guilty feelings about Solancei and Captain Metavo continues to grow. She is determined to make […]

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A Change of Rules

  As the cycle draws close to the dawn of a new millennium, Alérathnar’s all-powerful Guardians Quicken to stand yet again as the protectors of the future. However, unlike before, their return is this time scarred by the disastrous events of […]

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