The Cast

Greetings – your exclusive 1st class coach has now taken you to the Page of Celebrities.

Well… not in the common sense of the word, of course, but in regards to the wide set of people who features in The Veil Keepers Quest series.

Below, you will thus find a complete up-to-date list of who’s who, and what, in this labyrinth of imaginary thrills and spills – indeed, you may even gain insight into a few hitherto undisclosed details about certain characters – and let’s face it: though we really shouldn’t, we all still love a bit of gossip. Just a little…

SO do read on. If like me, you are of a nosy disposition at times, I certainly recommend a quick peek – even if it is just to satisfy curiosity. If you have questions, please direct all queries my way. I may not have the answer, but it’s the closest you’ll get to one, regardless. ;-)

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  • N/A

Andario Weldranchi

[Ann*DAH*RioH WELL*Drann*CHI]

  • Human. Approximately 55 summers old.
  • Heneia Weldranchi’s father. Heralds from the north-eastern town of Perangir in the Province of Etruia.
  • One of Eso Mehadja’s Shadow Agents; works as a spy all over Ostravah, except for Etruia because of personal reasons.
  • He is the former Shield of King Kaimar and very good with a sword but absolved from duty due to personal circumstances.
  • Gossip/Rumour – has it that he may have been a little too cosy with a certain fine lady, and that he is not the only one.

Angemar Cillario

[ANH*geh*maar Sill*Ar*Rio]

  • Human. Approximately 50 winters old.
  • Captain of ‘The Brotherhood of Alérathnar’. Heralds from the town of Keriko in the eastern Province of Tolec.
  • Pursued and captured by Knights Commander Simarovien Zulavi after a strangely secretive visit to Zanzier. He is thought a spy and poisoned with Meer’ron to extract the secrets he is believed to harbour.
  • Carries magic-imbued rune mazes, tattooed around both forearms. Appears delusional and sick, though with a peculiar knowledge of the Venzoians, that cannot be explained.
  • Gossip/Rumour – has it that he heralds from one of the original founding families of the Brotherhood.


[ANK*SHe*ri*tii Neh*Furr KEM*NeHbitt]

  • Sabén-Heshep Elvern. At 71 years old, she not yet of age.
  • Best-loved daughter of the Watchéran Sheshem’Kufunar, ruler of the Sabén-Heshep, and First-Queen Nafretiri.
  • Despite her youth she carries the promise of her prescient Heritage to become one of the most talented Far Seers the realm has known in centuries.
  • She is currently tutored in the magical arts by her mother. For some time she has struggled to control her abilities. To an ever-deepening detrimental effect, the Sight seems to simply come over her without word or warning. What she sees, however, does not correlate with anything that can be said to resonate with the Saben-Heshep’s most powerful artefact, ‘The Tapestry’, which always weaves a true impression of the events to come. Though young, she feels that her visions are of high importance, but she is nevertheless repeatedly refused the consideration she’s due, since many of her elder peers believe her to be little more than an untrustworthy dreamer who deliberately fabricates stories for her own amusement.
  • When the return of two Guardians of The Upper Circle coincides with her mother’s need for rest, she is instructed to accept Sinuhé Sedjem-Alhath’naar as her new mentor in the arts.
  • Her name translates to ‘Living Maiden (like the) Beautiful Black Panther’.
  • Gossip/Rumour – has it that her visions have split the Watchéran’s court, where a minority now believes to consider her visions ‘Truth’ over the weavings of the ancient Tapestry.



  • Fhearan. 5th Tier Spell Weaver of Morven Tower. Guardian of The Upper Circle. Born before the Veils, in a time where the Maker’s chaotic First Race walked the Realms.
  • Now Reborn by the grace of the Maker’s Power 12 cycles ago, she is one of 10 immortals – or Avatars - raised by Alérathnar the Maker to stand as the protectors against the First Race and Chaos. She is known by her Avatar name of ‘The Song of Perish’.
  • In the time before she was raised to her Guardianship, she was queen of the Fhearan people who named her ‘the wisest Ruler there ever were’ and now revere her for her ‘sacrifice’ to remain their eternal protector. Her weapon of choice is her song which can shatter the heart of any living creature. She is also able to command the oceans and the creatures within. As the only Guardian she has the ability to fly, both through water and air.

Arriano Dorlian

  • N/A

Aziru Sharlan-Balkis

  • N/A


Balira Hallingar

  • Human. Young waitress who works at The Golden Ball (Zanzier City). She primarily serves the travellers complimentary refreshments as they arrive.
  • Friend of Heneia Weldranchi.


  • Human. Man of questionable character, employed by Simarovien Zulavi to work as gaoler in the Zanzier dungeon.


  • Human. A simple-minded lumbering caretaker who lives near the witch Zalihah and her granddaughter Bezlarax, not far from Zanzier City. He helps the two women with general maintenance of their hut and also accompany them to Zanzier Town for market.
  • According to Zalihah the Witch, he is hugely strong and has once sent an ox to the knees with a fist blow between its eyes.

Benedron Hollairo

  • Human. A member of the 1st Horse Guard Company that accompanies Princess Iambre on her tour of Ostravah.
  • He is originally from the Plains of Pendrosa where he ‘famously’ escaped his tribe and hence the sentence of ‘marriage’. He takes a shine to the barmaid Kenxirah during a visit in Zanzier City.


  • Human. A young witch in training under her grandmother Zalihah. She is 14 winters old. Her mother purportedly named her after the last Grand Mistress of Covens.

Bilandro Metavo

[BiH*Lan*Droh MEH*tah*voh]

  • Human. 25 autumns old. (Born in the year 772 P.C.W.)
  • Common-born, now the Lance-Captain of the King’s 1st Legion and Princess Iambre’s love interest.
  • Heralds from the poor, notorious, Lake Side district, situated within the city of Imkarah in the southern Province of Imkaria.
  • Company motto is ‘Intriviatu al hastriviatu’, which translates to ‘Expect the Unexpected’.
  • Gossip/Rumour – has it that the King likes him a little too well. This is perhaps based upon the handsome promotion received when saving the monarch’s life in a much-celebrated feat against impossible odds. However, many would claim that whatever the achievement, a near-peasant born soldier should not have warranted such a reward.

Blanchia, Lady ‘Morning Star’

  • N/A


  • Human. A Captain General and decorated hero who fought in the Chaos Wars.
  • Few are aware that he also wrote a historically accurate account of the events as they unfolded in the form of a diary. Nor are they aware that the information in those pages actually sharply deviates from the accepted facts on several accounts. For those with an interest in the historical record, the events he describe, can be substantiated in the memoires of King Mellae the 1st of his name.


  • Human. An old, skilled tracker and game hunter, who travels with Princess Iambre’s retinue on her tour of Ostravah.
  • He is fond of red wine and thin cigarettes.



  • Human. A barmaid who works at The Golden Ball in Zanzier City. A friend of Heneia Weldranchi.

Charl del’Draventar, Baron

  • Human. Approximately 67 summers old. Kimonar del’Draventar’s father. Of old nobility.
  • The lord and master of northern Alahbro. Very wealthy, owning sole mining rights in the Pale Mountains as well as the logging rights to the realm’s largest oak forest.
  • Has sired eight children. Four boys and four girls – one boy and one girl are twins. Kimonar del’Draventar is the first born and stands to inherit.

Corzina, Lady

  • Human. Approximately 33 summers old. Heralds from Zanzier but was until her marriage stationed in Etruia as Queen Ishjah’s lady-in-waiting, a duty which has earned her the title of ‘Comtessa’.
  • Currently married to Zanzierian Count Hurlan, a much older man who has a good 20 years on her. She is considered flirty and improper by many of her local peers.

Chameleon Blaze

  • N/A


Denartaalar Cor’Esardan

[Den*AR*Tarh*Larh KHor*Ess*arrH*Dahn]

  • Elvern. (Deceased). Father of Na’rantalin Cor’Esardan. Grandfather of Malandaar’Vahran Denarlin Cor’Esardan.

Dubaro, Baron

  • Human. Pot-bellied peasant noble of the Zanzier Province. Ally of Simarovien Zulavi.
  • Is generally greying, unfit and deluded with his own importance. He has outlived 3 wives in a decade and has 3 moon-faced daughters whom he tries to marry off whenever a chance presents itself.
  • He used to be Captain of the 1st Royal Horse Guard, but is rumoured not it have sat a horse for more than ten years.


  • A character from an old fable that tells the tale of a young, newly raised Knight who when looking for a suitable deed to make himself famous, happens upon the information of a trickster dragon by the name of Ruby Spinner. He sets out to slay the beast, only to learn that the rumours and stories he’s heard are anything but the truth.


  • Human. One of Klaasinah Eso Mehadja’s spies, who helps to search Zanzier City for trails of Solancei.



  • Human. A guards-man who travels in Princess Iambre’s retinue on her tour of Ostravah.

Enrio Turinor

  • Human. Heralds from Tarléon. Royal Lancer who travels as part of Princess Iambre’s retinue on the tour of Ostravah.
  • Considers Solancei del’Isthalani Calverhana his rightful liege lady.


  • Human. A soldier in the King’s 1st Lancers travelling as part of Princess Iambre’s retinue on her tour of Ostravah.


  • Human. A man of questionable character, employed by Simarovien Zulavi to work in Zanzier dungeon.

Erosian, King

  • Half-Human, half-Sunerai. A now long dead monarch who lived six millennia past, ruling parts of the current Ostravahn continent.
  • He was the person who had Silviata and Heruvar forged and gifted them to Guardian Malandaar’Vahran Denarlin Cor’Esardan as a token of thanks and friendship. He is also the ruler who renamed part of his lands ‘Cor’Esardan’ - (Now present-day Province of Esardan) - in honour of his half-Elvern friend.


Fabrano Icolor

  • Human. A celebrated General of the old nobility who lived and lead the protecting forces against Thain Phudor in the Chaos War, approximately 500 years in past
  • Is reportedly the man who bested Thain Phudor, hence ending the Chaos War against the ‘Insurgent Hordes’. During the strife, he held the post of Knights Commander of the combined Ostravahn Legions.
  • Gossip/Rumour – has it that a misunderstanding with friend and comrade in arms – the First Dagger of the Rigahrancei family, Thain Phudor – let him to betray the Rigahrancei, and support instead the Zulavi family and their ambitions as they stove to rise to power.

Felahna Bristillano

  • Human. 31 winters old. A Sihnarian Horse Guard travelling with Princess Iambre on her tour of Ostravah.
  • She heralds from the Province of Khelt.
  • Youngest of three sisters, orphaned in youth before the age of ten, and forced to live rough till enrolled through open selection, in the Kings 7th Lights Regiment. She is now with the King’s 1st Legion and one of Eso Mehadja’s agents.
  • She becomes Iambre’s temporary Shield in lieu of Solancei del’Isthalani Calverhana.


  • Human. Horse Guard travelling with Princess Iambre’s retinue on her tour of Ostravah.

Fin of Trastamal

  • Human. 13 summers old. The oldest son of Lord Kandolari and Lady Illusa of Trastamal and Gadère in the Province of Zanzier.
  • Has recently become the squire of Earl Isavaro Elarion and idolises the ground this man walks on.
  • The family heraldry features the gazelle and leaf.


  • N/A



  • Human. A mad Adept of the deity Anchan-Chi and a cleric of war. He is known to have preached for the taking of female scalps during the relatively recent uprising of the Jackal Tribes.


  • Human. 37 winters old. Also known as ‘the Hulk’ - 6ft5 operative of Klaasinah Eso Mehadja - usually stationed in Zanzier.
  • He works as part of Heneia Weldranchi’s cell.

Gevizla, Baroness

  • Human. A Zanzierian lady who knows where not to test her mettle.
  • Cautious friend to the Lady Corzina. She is married, though as to whether happily or not, few speculate.


  • Human. A young tracker, who travels as part of Princess Iambre’s retinue on her tour of Ostravah.


  • N/A


  • Human. Horse Guard who travels as part of Princess Iambre’s retinue during her tour of Ostravah.



  • N/A

Heneia Weldranchi

[Heh*Nai*AH Well*Drann*CHI]

  • Human. 22 summers old. A promiscuous young barmaid who works at The Golden Ball (Zanzier City) as Klaasinah Eso Mehadja’s informant/spy.
  • He name is of broken Elvern origin, and means, ‘Flower with’ (Heneia-llon = flower with prickles).
  • Is believed to carry a touch of Sunerai blood in her ancestry due to her short stature.
  • A former friend of Solancei del’Isthalani Calverhana.’
  • Gossip/Rumour – has it that her origins are complicated and that she considers her own mother dead. She and her father is believed to owe everything to Chief Klaasinah Eso Mehadja, but nothing is substantiated.

Hurlan, Lord

  • Human. Older Zanzierian Count, married to the Lady Corzina, though he is more than 20 years her elder.
  • He holds a large estate to the east, near the Zanzier border of Yellow Snake.


  • The Crown Princess Iambre’s famed great-great grandmamma who was rumored to be a fury on and off the battle-field, particularly after the murder of her husband (Londragas of Holborn), as their union was one of true love.
  • Her standard was the royal leopard: a huge lone gold beast (signifying that she was the sole ruler) above the tines of the old crown upon a scarlet field, surrounded by a golden border of chevrons stitched around the edge. In modern terms it is considered flamboyant.
  • She was given the nick name ‘Blood Crown’.


Iambre del’Dulac Isthalani Actarione

[IH*Amm*bré dell*DY*laK Issh*Tah*lani ACK*tae*Rion]

  • Human. 24 summers old. (Born in year 773 P.C.W.)
  • Somewhat spoilt – the only child of King Kaimar the 3rd and Queen Ishjah.
  • Crown Princess of Ostravah; 2nd of her name.
  • Smitten with Captain Bilandro Metavo and displeased with the knowledge that her fate is sealed by ancient history.
  • The Royal Crest of the silver leopard stands on a field of black. Uniform colours are black and green.

Ihaar Seelen

  • Human. 69 springs old. Ostravahn Patrician noble and Diplomat to the Senate, as well as spy and gem trader by appointment of the Royal Family
  • As his Life-Shield, Bilandro Metavo’s father gave his life in service to this man.
  • He is often spoken about as a fat git, who is now living the sweet life at Court.
  • As is customary, he did pay out compensation upon his Shield’s death – but only with the understanding that Bilandro and his family must move from Lake Side to better accommodation as he did not want to see his money wasted.
  • He heralds from Horn.


  • Human. A conceited, bullying barmaid who works the 2nd floor of The Golden Ball, Zanzier City.

Ina Uttorian

  • Human. Princess Iambre’s oldest handmaiden. 30 springs old. Heralds from Iddia in the Province of Esardan.
  • Of the Patrician line, she is ever more interested in conveying herself as an Esardan first.
  • An indelicate matter has left her estranged from her own family for years but she has used her wide skills to carve a life for herself both at Court and with various groups of influential people with the Senate. Worldly in her knowledge.
  • Her style of make-up and clothing is flamboyant and provocative – she is well-known for spending an obscene amount of money on new outfits.

Isavaro Elarion, Earl

  • Human. 26 springs old.
  • A young, popular noble from the Zanzier Province who makes a name for himself as explorer and knight.
  • Ally and business partner of Simarovien Zulavi. Cousin to the Chronicler, Leraquah.
  • His heraldry features a pair of crossed golden spears and a plume of white feathers on a black field.
  • Though he is well-admired, he foolishly swore an oath on the steps of Zulari’Chi’s alter that no woman would have his affection until all men were at peace and the Realm knew no more sorrow.
  • Gossip/rumour – has it that he has never laid with a woman, but that he prefers men who like to dress-up in skirts, anyway.

Isavelia Cahmerhin

  • Ermaron. 3rd Tier Spell Weaver of Morven Tower. Guardian of The Upper Circle – 3rd in Command. Born before the Veils, in a time where the Maker’s chaotic First Race walked the Realms.
  • Reborn by the grace of the Maker’s Power 12 cycles ago, she is one of 10 immortals – or Avatars - raised by Alérathnar the Maker to stand as the protectors against the First Race and Chaos. She is known by her Avatar name as ‘The Destiny of Ice and Blood’.
  • Of the Giants, she descends from the Ice White Tribes and was in life considered a sorceress with affinity to manipulate the elements beyond normal scale and possibility. A 12 foot moon blade is her weapon of choice as well as a number of deadly, foot-long thorns native to her realm, which she carries in a sheath, like needles, at her wrists.

Ishjah Del’Dulac Isthalani, Queen

  • Human. 56 springs old. Current Queen of Ostravah. Wife of King Kaimar the 3rd.
  • Heralds from the Tolec Province and is of Valdéran stock. She was born in Stara Maja, the oldest of five children – two girls and three brothers. Her sister, Mechintha, died in a coach crash along with her husband, the Duke of Tarléon.
  • She is famous throughout the realm of Ostravah for her beauty and intelligence.
  • Gossip/Rumour - has it that the lady may have had several ‘indiscretions’ over the years, but nothing has ever been proven outright.


Jonaeus Lucareo

  • Entzender. Guardian of The Upper Circle. Born before the Veils, in a time where the Maker’s chaotic First Race walked the Realms.
  • Now Reborn by the grace of the Maker’s Power 12 cycles ago, he is one of 10 immortals – or Avatars - raised by Alérathnar the Maker to stand as the protectors against the First Race and Chaos. He is known by his Avatar name of ‘The Wisdom of Knowledge’.
  • Before becoming a Guardian he was a 4th Tier Air Weaver – something which is solely the speciality of the Entzender race. His Affinity includes the ability to shift and nullify his own mass to travel on the wind or penetrate solid matter. His weapons of choice are five long-knives of charred elder wood.
  • He wears a pair of wide, ornate wrist cuffs adorned with Maze designs that draw the eye.

J. Harkubsah

  • Human. A dishonest Ostravahn horse coper settled near Dust Town in the Province of Kretoria. He sells Malandaar’Vahran Denarlin Cor’Esardan the horses Spot and Ghost.
  • Apparently a little too fond of slave tobacco.


Kaimar the 3rd, King

  • Human. 56 autumns old. Current king of Ostravah, married to Queen Ishjah, father of Princess Iambre.
  • Diplomatic at heart, he has reigned the 15 provinces with what some would call ‘a soft hand’ – allowing much to be orchestrated and determined by the Senate.
  • Was captured by rebels during a semi-recent border dispute and thought lost, but was rescued by a young Soldier of the Horse Guard by the name of Bilandro Metavo and brought to safety.
  • He may on occasion be referred to as the Old Silver Leopard.
  • Gossip/Rumour - has it that he is far more fond of several male friends than he is of his Queen.


  • Human. Young, pretty Barmaid who works at The Duck and Rotten Egg, Zanzier City.
  • Prepositions Kimonar del’Draventar, but ends up with the Kheltian Horse Guard Benedron Hollairo.


  • N/A

Kimonar del’Draventar

  • Human. 30 autumns old. Of old nobility. Lord Lieutenant Commander of the King’s 2nd Lancers, friend and comrade in arms of Bilandro Metavo. Oldest son of a wealthy Alahbrodai Baron.
  • Travels with Princess Iambre’s retinue on her tour of Ostravah and holds the rank as second-in-command. He is romantically interested in Solancei del’Isthalani Calverhana and hopes to win her hand in marriage.
  • The del’Draventar family coat of arms is a brazen rampant wolf on a field of black and grey checkers.


  • N/A

Klaasinah Eso Mehadja

[Klah*Sih*Nah Ehsoh MeH*Hadd*Yah]

  • Human. 52 autumns old. Heralds from the Province of Tolec but has called Etruia home since a long time. Also goes by the names of Chief, Eso, and Klaas.
  • She is Chief of Security & Elite Combat Trainer to the current Ostravahn Crown. Veranto Master of the 1st Grade and Kizano expert. Favours an old Iddian-forged rapier.
  • She is the mentor and protector of Solancei del’Isthalani Calverhana of Ivanor and also the protector and benefactor of Heneia Weldranchi.

Kraie Meranson

  • Human. 32 winters old. Huge man. Is said to be both spy and brawn for Eso Mehadja; works as her shadow agent all over the Ostravahn continent - most recently Zanzier - a post which has made him a wanted man.
  • He is of half-cast Kheltian origins, but was banished from his home province after killing another man.


Lanotto, Duke

  • Human. Old, grey-bearded noble out of Stara Maja in the Province of Tolec.


  • A Zanzierian soldier in charge of Angemar Cillario.

Lazrin Sandborn

  • Human. Deceased oldest son of Lord and Lady Sandborn. He was killed in battle when 21 springs old.


  • Human. Heralds from the Province of Zanzier.
  • He is the distant cousin and chronicler to the Earl of Elarion, and travels with him everywhere in order to document their adventures.

Londragas of Holborn

  • Human, perhaps with Elvern blood in his ancestry. Deceased.
  • He was a Crown Prince of Ostravah who was given the name of Holborn because he was the official protector of the area.
  • He is the Princess Iambre’s great-great grandsire, who married Hesaura, but was shortly after assassinated during a spurt of instability.


  • Human. A chandler’s daughter who gets married to Rosiano in Zanzier City and is celebrating the occasion in The Golden Ball inn.


Madam Rodarah

  • Human. An old Charmstress that petitions Bilandro Metavo in Tyra’s Square, Zanzier City.
  • She is the owner and proprietor of The Dreamers Delight (smoke parlour) and Dancers of Zanzier (bordello). To gain access to either an invite must be extended, commonly in the form of a hexagonal coin with a hole in the centre.

Mad Ones, the

  • The Maker Alérathnar’s First Race, whom He endowed with incredible powers and gifted the mastery of creation.
  • Flawed by their own importance and narrow views, they are not only considered ‘mad’ by the Guardians but also by their own ‘father’. They style themselves ‘Gods’ and are solely occupied with the furthering of their powers and importance – hence pandering only their own selfish devices.
  • Mortals may draw their attention through deeds or offerings, and they can show whimsical favour and bestow indulgent aid or goodwill upon a person of choice if so inclined. If ignored, however, they cannot touch a person’s life.
  • Since The Maker raised the Veils, the First Race has been locked away in exile from the world of Dallancea. to prevent the destruction and chaos they trail.
  • The suffix ‘Chi’ is a title of respect added to the male would-be deities, as is the suffix of ‘Cha’, which is added to the female. It may be compared to the mortal use of the titles: ‘Lord’ and ‘Lady’.
  • The main players are as follows:


  • ‘Goddess’ of Peace and Solidarity.


  • ‘God’ of Age and Wisdom, including Decisions of good/bad character.
  • Is believed to have a third eye through which He can influence the mortals in what direction He wishes. Is also thought to perhaps be able to steer Zulari’Chi likewise.


  • ‘God’ of War, Fights & Strife.
  • He is also known as ‘The Bloody’, ‘Destroyer of life’, ‘Lord of Man and War’.
  • He is believed to wield a black sword that bleeds pest. He is said to travel in a spiked-wheel chariot that is pulled by chained Eikyr.
  • The Temple Adepts maim His Priestesses in a ceremony of ritual scarring which is taken to symbolise the soon-to-be Priestess’ marriage to the God, through the taking of one eye which She gives Anchan’Chi as a bond and reminder that She will always centre one eye on Her ‘Lord’ and the other solely on the fight. It is said that a Bride can pledge herself freely whilst alive, but that any woman who dies in a terribly manner, may be claimed by the God to remain His in the afterlife. The latter is not thought of as a savoury fate.


  • ‘God’ of Death, Sickness & Famine.
  • He is also known as ‘The Hunter’ or ‘The Plague’.
  • He is believed to be so vast that a person may be swallowed up by Him – hence the idea of ‘Arbar’Chi’s Maw: a place without compromise or ending’.
  • His messengers or aids are said to be a terrible host of creatures known as ‘Quills’. These may be referred to as His ‘dogs’ although they are not canine.
  • He is also said to possess long nails that may reach past the Veils. He is thought to harvest the spirits of traitors and killers, trapping them in His lands so that they cannot know ‘release’ or reach the Beyond.


  • ‘Goddess’ of Order, Clarity & Fate.
  • Sister of Inkar’Chi. She is often believed to wear a veil that confuses Her sense of right and wrong.
  • Is thought to stand in competition with Osari’Chi, and thus if a person fears to have called the attention of one deity, s/he may ask the other for help in order to achieve a reprieve.


  • ‘Goddess’ of Drink, Food, Nourishment & Growth.
  • Endorses waste and gluttony. She is allegedly so vast in size that She cannot leave Her layer, and so has a wealth of tiny, imp-like creatures who do Her bidding.

Diekima’Chi – Diekima’Cha

  • ‘God/Goddess’ of Lies, Deceit & Mistrust. Neither male nor female.
  • S/He is also known as ‘the two faced’. Is often worshipped by people seeking fortunes in business.
  • S/He is thought to be the sibling of Zulari’Chi.


  • ‘Goddess’ of Vision & Dreams.
  • She is also titled: ‘The Merciful’.
  • She has a stout following of worshippers who are crippled and live in voluntary poverty, begging and sometimes scheming to earn Her gold. The saying goes that a maimed soldier will always have a place with Her, even after their lord rejects them.


  • ‘Goddess’ of the Land and Elements.
  • Is believed to sleep.


  • ‘God’ of Time.
  • Is also known as ‘The Time Keeper’ or ‘Fate’.
  • He feels no remorse and is believed to have the patience of eons.


  • ‘God’ of Poor/Good Judgement & Decisions (Mischief & Fate).
  • Is also known as ‘The Black Hearted’. He is understood to possess a spiteful eye that can bring a person terrible misfortune. He is also often blamed for getting people who make mistakes into deeper trouble. Has an interest in virgins.
  • He is thought to be armed with a spear named ‘Black Ink’, which is rumoured to take the hearts of His victims.
  • He is the brother of Belanzia’Cha.


  • ‘God’ of Avarice & Lust.
  • He is believed to own a group of female dancers who perform in His name on feast days. It is understood that the God only takes in the most visually-perfect men and women and that they are generally considered the greatest seducers, no matter what work they put their hand to.
  • Takes offerings of hair or other personal items to ‘stay away’ from mortal life.
  • His Adepts and Priests wear black robes with golden chain and masks of slanted eyes and a beak nose.
  • Though all the ‘deities’ have riches in the temples, Jethar’Chi is the only one rumoured to be in actual possession of a vast treasure.


  • ‘Goddess’ of Luck and Games.
  • Ever considered the opportunist, She is also known as ‘The Queen of Games’, ‘Lady of Luck’ & ‘The Spinner of Luck’.
  • She is the Sister of Silicia’Cha, and is believed to harbour a jealous streak towards Her. It has been said that She has as many whims as there are squares on Her gaming board.


  • ‘God’ of Truth. The only ‘deity’ who is actually not in exile as He brokered a deal with the Sabén-Heshep Elvern. It is thought that His gift of Truth has helped Him stay the insanity that seems to have taken His brothers and sisters.


  • ‘God’ of Hatred & Revenge
  • The expression ‘Marveno’Chi’s teeth’ is a curse to ward off evil or to prevent evil from biting into you. People will swear bad things by His seat.


  • ‘Goddess’ of Health. Almost as fickle as Kira’Cha. She possesses a healing wand but if it is turned against you, it will have the opposite effect. She is said to be the lover/wife of Arbar’Chi.


  • ‘God’ of Chaos and Confusion.
  • Is also known as ‘God of Veils’, ‘The Veiled One’ & ‘The Enemy’. Since He is believed to stand in competition with Belanzia’Cha, and thus, if a person fears the attention of one deity, s/he may ask the other for help in order to achieve a reprieve.
  • People will commonly say that someone was ‘touched’ by Osari’Chi if a person appears to lose their mind. Alternatively, they may also say that the God of Veils laid His hand on them prematurely. When somebody is thought to be in error or not in their right mind, He is known to have the fogs of Osari’Chi in His head
  • His priests (sometimes referred to as His ‘Daggers’) are known to shut themselves off from the world for a year in preparation for their inauguration. They are ‘released’ after the year of solitude, often mad from their ‘communications’ with the deity.
  • Osari’Chi’s ‘Pale Sa’brans’ are generally believed to exist and is thought to be the ghosts of people lost in the Void, now sent to harvest amongst the living, anything they might steal.


  • ‘God’ of the Ocean. Is obscured by the stronger Gizava’Cha.


  • ‘Goddess’ of Knowledge and Learning
  • Does not give away Her secrets easily. She is thought to be the first ‘deity’ to hold the true formula of creation.


  • ‘Goddess’ of Love & Beauty; sister to Kira’Cha.
  • She possesses a famous silver mirror and an artefact known as ‘The Wand of Desire’. The story goes that She won both from Kira’Cha in a game of dice, but in turn lost Her heart when Her sister tricked Her into playing one final game.


  • ‘Goddess’ of Fear and Courage.
  • Is also known as ‘The Taker of Tongues’& ‘The Hag’(*),
  • Strikes worms doubt and fear into people from Her lair near a pit of fire surrounded by a river of blood.
  • *)Named ‘The Hag’, though She was smooth of face before scarred by Guardian Denarlin’s magic, which nearly killed Her. In the same battle, He also took Her arm, though no one knows if She has managed to heal herself.


  • ‘Goddess’ of Patience and Procrastination.


  • ‘God’ of Wisdom and Knowledge.
  • Is also known as ‘Zulari’Chi the Wise’.
  • He is believed to possess a dry laugh that can be heard on the wind just before disaster strikes.
  • He is the Brother of Diekima’Chi, whom He is often thought to off-set.

Malandaar’Vahran Denarlin Cor’Esardan

[MAH*lan*Dahr*VAH*Rann Denn*ARH*lin KHor*Ess*arrH*Dahn]

  • Of mixed heritage, he prefers not to acknowledge. Guardian of The Upper Circle. 7th Tier Spell Weaver of Ishla’rus Tower. Born before the Veils, in a time where the Maker’s chaotic First Race walked the Realms.
  • Now Reborn by the grace of the Maker’s Power 12 cycles ago, he is one of ten immortals – or Avatars - similarly raised by Alérathnar the Maker to stand as protectors against the First Race and Chaos.
  • Current title is: First Guardian and Commander General of The Upper Circle, Defender of the Nine Realms, the Twins, and the Veils of Time.
  • He rides the Eikyr stallion ‘Ambar’Zadron’, or ‘Zah’, for short.
  • Gossip/Rumour – (Unsubstantiated) has it that due to the complicated circumstances surrounding the controversy of his birth, he was brought up a slave in his own father’s house. A progeny of Magic, he is later said to have been ‘persuaded’ to train at Ishla’rus Tower, where the Conclave of Five (7th Tier Spell Weavers) may unsuccessfully have sought to sway him to their agenda. He is thought to have destroyed both the Conclave, as well as the City of Old Verranor through magic most vile, before fleeing with a hostage to avoid capture, upon which he is said to have joined the Black-Eyed Army in the fight against the Gods.

Master Hetara

  • N/A

Mechintha Isthalani Calverhana

  • Human. Queen Ishjah of Ostravah’s younger sister; Solancei del’Isthalani Calverhana’s mother until the age of seven and the former Duchess of Tarléon.
  • Deceased, killed in a coach crash along with her husband the Duke of Tarléon, his valet, Lady Taliana Scavino and several household guards.


  • Human. One of Eso Mehadja’s operatives in Zanzier. She is part of Heneia Weldranchi’s cell.

Mellae the 1st, King

  • Human. Now dead, historical figure and long-standing honoured hero of The Chaos War. He lived to see the new world of the Ostravahn Provinces emerge from the ashes.
  • Author of a little-known account of the actual events that took place during the long strife known as The Chaos War, written in the form of ‘memoirs’. Interestingly, several facts herein differs from the commonly-known, standard historical account and are hence considered little more than discrepancies. These supposed discrepancies are substantiated, however, by the diary of Captain General Borscarto.


  • Human. Thug and soldier in the employ of Simarovien Zulavi. Overseer of the old dungeon of Zanzier City.

Mr. Sum

  • Human. An Etruian brewer of questionable substances, alcoholic and other.


  • Human. Operative of Eso Mehadja in Zanzier. Assassin. He is part of Heneia’s cell.



  • Sabén-Heshep Elvern Queen, first and best-loved wife of the Watchéran Sheshem’Kufunar, mother of young Far Seer Ankh’Sheriti-Nefer’Kemnebit.
  • Known also by the names and titles of Nafretiri the Pale, Tanafriti, or Suten Himé.
  • Originally sent from afar as a tribute to the Watchéran, she won his regard and affection by telling him stories of sweet illusion.

Na’rantalin Cor’Esardan

[NAH*rhan*TahLinn KHor*Ess*arrH*Dahn]

  • Elvern. The father of Guardian Malandaar’Vahran Denarlin Cor’Esardan. Deceased.



  • Human. One of the thugs employed as Regulator by Simarovien Zulavi.


  • ‘Sunerai’ Ancient: the last of her people. Guardian of The Upper Circle. Born before the Veils, in a time where the Maker’s chaotic First Race walked the Realms.
  • Now Reborn by the grace of the Maker’s Power 12 cycles ago, she is one of 10 immortals – or Avatars - raised by Alérathnar the Maker to stand as the protectors against the First Race and Chaos. She is known by her Avatar name of ‘The Path of Twilight’.
  • Rather than being a dwarf or a true Sunerai, she is an Ancient: the last one of their traditional protectors. Usually the pacifist, she is also a trickster.


Paimar Utarion

  • Dayles. Guardian of The Upper Circle. Born before the Veils, in a time where the Maker’s chaotic First Race walked the Realms.
  • Now Reborn by the grace of the Maker’s Power 12 cycles ago, he is one of 10 immortals – or Avatars - raised by Alérathnar the Maker to stand as the protectors against the First Race and Chaos.
  • A younger man when he was raised to Guardian, he is often considered somewhat of a hot-head. He is known by his Avatar name of ‘The Rock of Thunder’.
  • As his race is want, he fights with his hands and excels at ripping Venzoians apart. He has a habit of fingering his ancestral ring: a large white opal set in a hunk of inscribed Dragon Silver that he wears upon his right middle finger. This grants him access to his home realm.

Palea al’Duchino

  • Human. 18 winters old. Heralds from one of the slightly poorer noble families that inhabit the Province of Imkaria.
  • A former scribe of Zulari’Chi the Wise, she is now the youngest handmaiden of Princess Iambre since two years past. She is considered extremely pretty, though also very naive.

Penare, Lady

  • Human. Scorned lady of the Zanzierian peasant nobility who was divorced on the grounds of infertility.
  • She runs Knights Commander Simarovien Zulavi’s household and holds the title ‘Lady of Keys’.



  • Human. A young tracker and sergeant who travels with Princess Iambre’s retinue on her tour of Ostravah.



  • Human. A young tracker and sergeant who travels with Princess Iambre’s retinue on her tour of Ostravah.


  • Human, but of Dwarven blood also. Operative of Eso Mehadja who works in Zanzier. He is part of Heneia’s cell.


  • Human. House Guard in Zanzier Castle.


  • Human with some Dwarven blood. The somewhat eccentric owner of The Golden Ball inn (Zanzier City), mad collector of curiosities and Keeper of the Way Star.

Rhindarhlar Mehand’Arun

[RINN*DaH*Lahr MEH*han*Darr*Run]

  • Heirah-Noor Elvern. Guardian of The Upper Circle. 7th Tier Spell Weaver of Shen’rah Tower. Born before the Veils, in a time where the Maker’s chaotic First Race walked the Realms.
  • Now Reborn by the grace of the Maker’s Power 12 cycles ago, he is one of 10 immortals – or Avatars - raised by Alérathnar the Maker to stand as the protectors against the First Race and Chaos.
  • Ancient enemy of Guardian Malandaar’Vahran Denarlin Cor’Esardan. Before he was raised to Guardian, he was Duke of Andervaar and the Commander of the Elvern Hunters. He is now known by his Avatar name of ‘The Flight of Fire’.
  • Gossip/Rumour - has is that he made his own bargain with the Maker in return for swearing the requested oaths before his Rebirth. No one knows the nature of the deal, but it could be said that he has accepted the command of his former enemy a little too easily.

Richarmarlan Envalair

[Ri*ka*Marr*LAHN ENH*vaH*Lahr]

  • Human. Deceased. 6th Tier Spell Weaver of Shen’rah Tower. Born before the Veils, in a time where the Maker’s chaotic First Race walked the Realms. The original commander of the Black-Eyed Army and close friend of Malandaar’Vahran Denarlin Cor’Esardan.
  • Reborn by the grace of the Maker’s Power 12 cycles ago, he was one of nine other immortals – or Avatars - raised by Alérathnar the Maker to stand as protectors against the First Race and Chaos.
  • As Guardian, he was second-in-command of The Upper Circle and known by the avatar name ‘The Balance of Justice’. He perished during the most recent Veil Event under peculiar circumstances during a catastrophic expenditure of magic and matter he is thought to have caused. This was the event that shattered the Sphere of Ages and tore the magic beyond use and recognition in the Realm of Ostravah.
  • Before his re-birth by Alérathnar’s hand, he was the husband of Guardian Thessilia Emara. His magic Affinity lent itself particularly well to the weaving of illusions and to the calling of animals.

Rift the Swift

  • Human. A former cook who became a soldier as he was too good with his knives. He travels as part of Princess Iambre’s retinue on her tour of Ostravah.

Riselta, Wise-Lady

  • Human. 71 winters old. Personal Medic to the royal family of Ostravah, travelling with Princess Iambre’s retinue on her tour of Ostravah.
  • May on occasions also be titled as ‘Wise Woman’.


  • Human. A weaver’s son from Zanzier City who gets married to a local chandler’s daughter, Luaria – an occasion that gets celebrated in the Golden Ball inn.

Ruby Spinner

  • Dragon. Fictional character.
  • This is the female dragon whom Knight Dolzarion mistakenly sets out to slay to win himself fame and name, only to die protecting her when he learns the truth.


Sandborn, Lady Caoa

  • Human. Ostravahn Knights Commander of the North. Officially stationed in Iddia, she lives with her family in Dringar, Kretoria, when time allows. She is mother to Lazrin Sandborn. Heralds from Dringar in Kretoria.

Sandborn, Lord

  • Human. Duke of Dringar, Kretoria. Father of Lazrin Sandborn; married to the Ostravahn Knights Commander of the North. He is affluent, rich in lands and investments. He lives at his family estates with his wife and two daughters.

Seiman, Sergeant

  • Human. Greying, weather-beaten veteran soldier and trusted man of Captain Bilandro Metavo. He travels as part of Princess Iambre’s retinue on her tour of Ostravah.

Seinar Natusse

  • Human. Approximately 47 winters old. Disreputable Ostravahn business man, local to Zanzier City, who deals in secrets and information.
  • Is known to conducts business in The Golden Ball inn amongst other places.

Selotta Pulonjah

  • Human. Middle-aged Zanzierian woman who works as Mistress of Board and Keeper of the Rooms in the Golden Ball inn, Zanzier City.


  • Descended God, wearing Elvern skin. He is formerly titled Kufunar’Chi, but is simply now He-Who-Is, the immortal Watchéran of the Sabén-Heshep Realm.
  • Considered the original God of Truth, He is the only one of the Maker’s First Race who has abandoned the mad quest for domination over all. He presently lives in symbiosis with the Elvern break-away clans, offering protection and peaceful prosperity in return of worship and fealty.
  • He is husband of Nafretiri, First-Queen and best-loved wife, who is the mother of Ankh’Sheriti-Nefer’Kemnebit.


  • Human. Aide and general wimpy, dog’s body of Simarovien Zulavi.
  • He is brother-in-law to Xantina Duzra, Simarovien Zulavi’s sister.

Simarovien Zulavi

[SIH*mar*ROHvian Suh*LarVih]

  • Human. 31 winters old. Born in Zanzier to the local Lord and Lady.
  • Presently the Lord Protector of Zanzier, Ostravahn Knights Commander of the Western Quadrant and 2nd Sword of King Kaimar the 3rd.
  • A keen traditionalist, he has an impeccable service record, yet is seen to run the Province of Zanzier with just of hint of autonomy that could be said to challenge the Crown.
  • He owns the sword ‘Steel Wing’ and the matching parrying dagger ‘Steel Viper’ – both pieces heirloom blades passed down through the generations and highly valuable, not only due to the rubies set on the handles of both weapons, but also because of the Dragon Silver folded around the metal core of the blades.
  • Parents are deceased. An estranged sister is married since ten years and living with her husband near the Zanzier border to the Yellow Snake.
  • He harbours idealistic ideas of a return to a pre-Chaos War perceived utopia, known as the Golden Age.

Sinuhé Sedjem-Alhath’naar

[See*NUH*ee Se*GEM*-All*Hath*NAR]

  • Part-Human, Part-Elvern. Guardian of The Upper Circle. 5th Tier Spell Weaver of Vikaar’urdarh Tower. Born before the Veils, in a time where the Maker’s chaotic First Race walked the Realms.
  • The direct voice between the Guardians of The Upper Circle and the Maker Himself.
  • A former diplomat and negotiator, he was engaged to chair many disputes and legal disagreements, before he took an active part in Kufunar’Chi’s ascent to rule the Sabén-Heshep Elvern. From then he became advisor and confidant to the new King, acting as his ambassador between the peoples of the Realms.
  • Killed in the one final battle between the free people and the Gods, The Mad Ones, he was chosen and raised by the Maker Alérathnar to become Guardian Speaker and Keeper of Chronicles for The Upper Circle. He is one of 10 immortals – or Avatars - raised by Alérathnar the Maker to stand as the protectors against the First Race and Chaos.
  • He may be known under the following names: Mshai, Suten Hamu and Urshé to He-Who-Is, Guardian Speaker, Chronicler.
  • He has now become the current tutor of Sheshem’Kufunar’s daughter Ankh-Sheriti-Nefer’Kemnebit.

Sondor, Lord

  • Human. A Zanzierian noble (with a 3rd cousin who chokes on a fish bone during a banquet in Princess Iambre’s honour).

Sovina, Lady

  • N/A


  • Human. A gambler and disreputable crook who hangs out in the company of Tross at the Golden Ball inn, Zanzier City. He may also be known as ‘Rodent Face’ as dubbed by Princess Iambre.


  • Human. Young man of questionable character, employed by Simarovien Zulavi to work as a Gaoler and Keeper of the old Zanzier dungeons. Has a basic knowledge of poisons and herbs.
  • He is also known as Swentor Turn-Tail on account that he once betrayed his former Lord, switching fealty for a purse of silver flecks to save his own skin. For this reason he is not well thought of by the general soldiers of the Zanzier Castle garrison.

Solancei del’Isthalani Calverhana –

[SOH*lan*say del*Issh*TAH*LARni KHAL*wher*RAHnah]

  • Human. 24 autumns old. (Born in year 773 P.C.W.)
  • Her alter ego for clandestine purposes is Cheska del’Duvraska from New Wood.
  • She is Duchess of Ivanor, but is better known as Iambre’s orphaned cousin who came to live in Castle Servangar after her parents were killed under peculiar circumstanced when she was 7 years of age.
  • As the Prodigy of Ostravahn Security Chief Klaasinah Eso Mehadja, she is a Master of both Veranto and Kizano, skilled with a blade and Shruiken. She is a keen rider, an expected trouble-maker, and is also formerly perceived to harbour a slight death wish due to her somewhat persistently-unruly nature.
  • She is currently Iambre’s premier handmaiden and T’lexara Corunan Vitalioni – an ancient title given to a secret royal guard - or a ‘life-shield’ also known simply as a ‘Shield’. As such, it is her sworn duty to protect her Charge before all else.
  • Gossip/Rumour – has it that she appears to have disgraced her own honour and name during an incident of compromising nature, which happened when she was in her late teens. She is believed to have been discovered and surprised whilst in the company of three Etruian recruits – and if to this day she swears herself not guilty, it nevertheless cost her the affections of beau and suitor, Lazrin Sandborn, who was soon after killed in action during a border dispute.


  • Human. A Horse Guard who travels as part of Princess Iambre’s retinue on her tour of Ostravah.
  • He is under the command of Bilandro Metavo, an old friend whom he knows from their shared youth in the Imkarahian slums.


Tahais Isoho

  • Human. Ostravahn Knights Commander of the South. Heralds from Nedarrah Town. He rather famously fought Simarovien Zulavi for the title of King’s 2nd Sword, something Zulavi has never forgotten though Isoho did not gain the title.


  • N/A

Taliana Scavino

  • Human. Deceased. Used to herald from Iddia, in the Esardan Province.
  • She was Solancei del’Isthalani Calverhana’s nurse and ‘friend’ during the young Duchess’ early years in Ivanor
  • She was killed in the same coach accident that claimed young Solancei’s parents and a number of the house hold.

Thain Phudor

  • Human. A historical character, known as The Enemy of the Lands during the great Chaos War. He is seen to be Fabrano Icolor’s hated opponent and leader of the rebellion.
  • Originally the First Dagger of the Rigahrancei family and Icolor’s best friend, a misunderstanding between the two men is thought to have been the instigator that led to the war.
  • He was ultimately beheaded by Fabrano Icolor – a turning point of the war as the forces found themselves without a leader.
  • Gossip/Rumour - has it that Lord Thain rode the last Eikyr of the Realm – a legendary creature believed to serve only heroes.

Thaleenar, Lord

  • Human. Heralds from Stara Maja in the Tolec Province. Ostravahn Knights Commander of the East. At 65 winters old, he remains oldest of the quartet of Commanders.
  • He is 1st Sword of King Kaimar the 3rd of Ostravah.

The Keeper

  • The entity that protects the void and rules the access to the Cleft Trail Finder, regardless of which Way Star the traveller uses to access.
  • It is neither good nor bad, although it is want to pass out warnings or riddles whenever it seems to find the occasion to do so.

Thessilia Emara

  • Human. Guardian of The Upper Circle. 4th Tier Spell Weaver of Dhon’Jarlin Tower. Born before the Veils, in a time where the Maker’s chaotic First Race walked the Realms.
  • Reborn by the grace of the Maker’s Power, now 12 cycles ago, she is one of 10 immortals – or Avatars - raised by Alérathnar the Maker to stand as the protectors against the First Race and Chaos.
  • In life a passionate fighter for those who could not protect themselves, she was ever-quick to launch whatever measure of counter offence she was able. She joined the Black-Eyed Army, and though affluent in Spell Weaving, she still prefers to wield her Kaisor sword ‘Oblivion’. She is now known by her Avatar name of ‘The Mercy of Steel’ and commands the Black-Eyed Army during every Veil Event.
  • She was married to Richarmarlan Envalair when she died in battle and swore the oaths to ensure her Rebirth to the Maker. She has never quite forsaken the memory of their commitment though death and Guardianship nulled and voided the matrimony.


  • Sabén-Heshep Elvern. Learned and accomplished Spell Weaver of the 7th Tier. She is also Queen Nefretiri’s personal sorceress and the person charged with drawing the range of the Maker’s holy symbols on members of the royal house - runes that are known as ‘Benedictions’.
  • She owns a large red-nosed lizard by the name of Seih-rahrat.


  • Human. Fat drunkard who likes gambling and whores. Plies his dubious business in the Golden Ball inn, Zanzier City.



Valdoranur, Lady

  • N/A

Visentor Tan’Xaviar

[Vih*Cen*tohr TAN*zah*viAH]

  • Human. 27 summers old.
  • A Patrician Lord from Tuxama Lake, selected to become the next King when he marries Crown Princess Iambre in accordance with the laws and duties agreed within the Document of Unity.
  • He is a keen study of all and everything arcane and is perceived as something of a loner, living on the outskirts of civilization in a huge mansion surrounded only by a skeleton crew of servants.
  • Gossip/Rumour – has it that he is believed to own a museum of ‘the peculiar and unethical’ located somewhere within his estate.


  • Human. Etruian Ambassador to the Western Provinces, but currently assigned to Iambre’s retinue as councillor on issues of conduct.

Vichard Sei Calverhana

  • Human. Deceased. Former Duke of Ivanor and Tarléon; Solancei del’Isthalani Calverhana’s father.
  • He was killed in a coach accident, along with his wife and several members of the household.


  • Human. Employed as the Master of Ceremonies at Castle Zanzier.

Vitarossa Mortrat, Sir

  • Human. A 2nd Lieutenant and diplomat of noble heritage, who travels as part of Princess Iambre’s retinue as she tours Ostravah.



  • Human. Thug of questionable character, employed by Simarovien Zulavi as muscle and guard.

Winter Singer

  • N/A


Xantina Duzra

  • Human. Younger sister of Simarovien Zulavi, married to a west-Zanzierian Earl.


  • N/A




  • Human. Old witch and hedge-doctor, who lives with her granddaughter Bezlarax, in a small hut about a day’s walk from Zanzier City.
  • She recalls the old stories through the songs of her people and comes to Guardian Denarlin’s aid.