ThousandScarsBlog Interview Now Live!

First of all: what was I thinking?!?

To satisfy my curiosity and for a little peace of mind, I only went and entered ‘A Change of Rules’ (Book 1 of The Missing Shield) into this year’s SPFBO (Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off) hosted by Mark Lawrence.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with this awesome competition, this is the 5th generation of the SPFBO and it gets bigger and bigger every year.  And why is that? Well, you are basically looking at 300 fantasy books going head to head for the chance to claim the one and only top spot for ‘Best SPFBO Fantasy Book 2019’ – and in that process, there’s lots of really cool interaction and networking to be done with readers, bloggers and fellow authors. In fact, to put in terms we can all relate to: it’s a blast and a lot of exposure!

But who knows what the future holds – all I wanted to share today was the really fantastic interview that has already gone live a few weeks ago, courtesy of Michael Baker.  I hope you enjoy!

SPFBO Author Intrview: L. L. Thomsen