Welcome to a week of Excerpts…

(Day 1)

The Missing Shield is epic high fantasy but it still has a little bit of everything, so today I thought I’d treat you to a bit of romance from episode #2 (Unexpected Bargain).

Staring into eyes made honeyed steel, Bilan felt a hot twinge. But, even if he wanted nothing better than to oblige her, he could not possibly offer her any hope and still perform his official role. It would simply be too hard. All he could promise was to complete his sworn duty – nothing more; not if either of them ever wanted peace of mind again.
“Your Highness, if there were a way to make you mine…” Words faltering at her blank expression, Bilan tried again, “You know that I will always fight for you; that I will always be your man in every proper sense of the word, but-
“Ah gods, I must be true to my duty, to your duty, or… or we will both be damned.”
“And so I shall send you home?” she challenged in obvious frustration, fingers going pale from the strain of clawing the wine-embroidered cloth as though she sought to strangle the pattern of the weave from existence.
“Milady, I shall stay or go as you wish,” he told her, clasping at straws to please her, “but any moment now, the Banquet Master will call on you to attend. This is what you must focus on now. Anything beyond that is not important now.”
Appealing to all her good senses of logic and duty, Bilan held her gaze a beat longer than necessary, then drew her attention to the bedroom doors with a sideways glance and a curt nod. In hushed tones, he said, “Gods, we could have been found out and that would have been sure disaster. Here is not the time or the place for… well, you know…”
Iambre’s full lips drew apart, warping to match the storm of sweet contempt in her eyes.
Faltering, Bilan met her assumed taunt with a frown of consternation, then he took the righteous approach. “Milady may disagree, of course, but… well, rightly Milady, nowhere should be such a place – and we both know it!”
The princess trapped her bottom lip with her front teeth, pulling her features slightly askew as her face soured. This was not going right; for one, this was not quite what he had wanted to say. The woman had luminous eyes, but tonight the liquid stare held the heat to scorch suns…
Bilan Metavo drew a hand over his face, exasperated.


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